Handmade in New York

Mountain & Sackett Ties

Mountain & Sackett has been turning out handmade ties in New York’s garment district for 57 years and, in recent years, they’ve been going stronger than ever. Some of the credit is due Al Gore’s Internet, as it’s allowed the merchant to begin selling their high-quality silk neckwear direct to stylish guys everywhere. M&S imports the finest wool, silk, and even cashmere from renowned European mills and fashions these materials into quality ties that are stylishly cut to a perfect 3.5” wide (though narrower ties are available for the guys who go for that sort of thing). They even make a line of scarves and ties to benefit Autism Speaks and donate 60% of these sales to change “the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.” These are great ties at a reasonable price from a manufacturer who still employs workers right here in the States – what more could you possibly need?

Buy Now: $60-$110