Game At Long Range

Sportscraft Step Back 3 Basketball Game

Think you’ve got what it takes to channel Larry Bird but never had the opportunity to show it off? Well the Sportscraft Step Back 3 ($150) might be your ticket. It works like any other basketball shooting game you might have played in your Chucky Cheese glory days with one welcomed twist in the form of a pressure-sensitive mat that detects whether you’re taking shots in two-point range or further downtown. That makes the machine’s included eight different game scenarios for one to four players a bit more interesting, not to mention rewarding for those with a decent jump shot. As a package, the kit includes a sturdy tubular steel frame, four basketballs, a pump, and a dual electronic scoreboard with countdown clocks for rubbing in your bball denomination to your friends. Basically it’s good to go right out of the box after some basic assembly, as long as you’ve got a room with a minimum of eight foot ceilings and eye for the swish.

Buy Now: $150