North Of The Border

The Brooklyn Salsa Company

It’s easy to get suckered into buying salsa by Newman’s doe-eyes, but everyone needs a change now and then to spice things up. The 5 Boroughs salsa from The Brooklyn Salsa Company ($6), each named for one of the five boroughs, range from mild (Manhattan) to hot (Brooklyn). Fitting. Each borough brings its own twist to traditional salsa. The “Brooklyn” for example throws in eggplant, a surprising addition that creates a smooth and spicy salsa without becoming watery. All the ingredients are organic, and are harvested by local farmers. But just because it’s called salsa doesn’t mean you should limit its use to chips. Think of it more as a sauce that can be mixed in a variety of dishes, the lid even reads, “Pour over everything”. You can sample all five for $30, a little more than an actual trip to all five boroughs.

Buy Now: $6