Like A Spidey Sense For The Rest of Us

Awareness! The Headphone App By Essency

iPhones, iPods, and all manner of other portable music players have certainly made it easier for us to constantly admire our music collection. There is a downside to everyone having headphones in their ears though. The fact is, when you’re focused on Ke$ha blabbing in your ear it’s easy to tune out that Escalade gunning for your ass in the crosswalk. That’s where the Awareness! app comes in. It’s designed to gauge environmental noise levels around you. If a sound then breaks a pre-established threshold of noise (which you can adjust with the flick of a finger), it gets piped into your ears to grab your attention. So in the event you encounter a damsel in distress pleading for your help, you’ll hear her instead of K-Ci and JoJo. Currently available on the iPhone / iPod for $3, we highly recommend using it if you walk to work or spend more time with headphones than you do with your girlfriend. Non Mac users should also take note that Awareness! has plans to release on Android and Symbian in the future.

Buy Now: $3