Shake It Like A Polaroid

Fujifilm Instax Instant Cameras

The Impossible Project has beautifully reinvented once-defunct Polaroid film. But if you’d prefer an instant camera experience that is more reckless fun and less artistic investment, grab a Fujifilm Instax Mini ($66). Instax pics are credit card-sized as opposed to Polaroid’s traditional 3.5” x 4.25” and consequently aren’t as much fun to shake, but at $70 the Mini 7S (seen here) is the easiest and most affordable way to fill the void in our sentimental hearts for poorly processed, white-bordered instant photographs.

The current Instax bodies are a bit bulky, but the wild success of the Instax line has spawned a much smaller version – the 50S Cheki – slated to debut in the U.S. September 4. It will feature a preview screen and a sexy “piano black” finish, but also a $220 price tag. So for now, grab the Mini 7S at Amazon or B&H where you’ll pay half what Urban Outfitters wants for it. And stock up on film. You’ll want a lot of it on-hand – especially for parties, where the number of pictures tends to mysteriously increase with the number of beverages.

Buy Now: $66