Light, Bright

Surefire E2D LED Defender Flashlight

Why is it that most men tend to scrimp on gear for personal safety? Consider the flashlight you (hopefully) have at home or in your car. You’re lucky if the battery is still good, and even if so, it probably won’t generate enough lumens for you to see much in the dark. The E2D LED Defender flashlight ($165) features a solid-state, two-stage light emitting diode that beams out six times (or 200 lumens) the output of a standard two-D-cell flashlight at its high setting and 5 lumens of useful light (sufficient to find your Spam survival rations or your Spongebob security whistle) on low. To boot, if you can’t temporarily blind the crazy attacker/zombie coming at you, the E2D has two sets of hard-anodized aluminum “teeth” to save your butt, if necessary. Goodbye glowstick, hello personal lightsaber.

Buy Now: $165