Time flies when you’re having Rum

The Kraken Rum

“A rum to put a beast in your belly”, The Kraken has washed onto the market and is bringing out the inner pirate in us all. An alternative from name brand rums, the Kraken ($20) provides a flavor that’s richer and stronger than the captain, and weighs in at a hefty 94 proof. Caramel sugars and choice spices blend together to create a powerful kick upfront and provide a smooth finish in the end that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

The darker than squid ink spiced rum comes enclosed in a dual grab handle bottle, perfect for easy handling during high seas or late night pillages. The design of the label rings true to the oceanic themed rum, portraying the protagonist mid meal as he’s devouring a wooden vessel. Although it may be a little hard to find, The Kraken Rum is perfect for the individual looking to get away from the traditional rums and works best during piratesque adventures across the globe.

Buy Now: $20