Tops at Tailgates

La Caja China #1

The National Football League is in full swing and, if you’re like us, you are sprinting towards mid-season-tailgating form. So let us be the first to tell you that La Caja China #1 Aluminum grill ($320) is the surest way to obtain pro-status. Because a sizable crowd makes any tailgate more fun, La Caja China (The Chinese Box) is able to artfully cook up to 70 lbs of pig, 16-18 whole chickens, 4-6 turkeys, 8-10 rib slabs, and/or anything else you care to lovingly char. Pour a bag of charcoal on top of the wood box adding new coals every hour and, in about 4 hours, you’ll be enjoying the spoils of the finest pig roast in the lot. The grill comes with all the essentials like a marinating syringe, grates, drip pans, and charcoal pans. Bring you secret mojo or BBQ sauce and you just might forget about the game entirely as you slip into a meat-coma.

Buy Now: $320