Out of the Box Drinking

Black Box Wines

When it comes to boxed wine, there’s been a few changes in the industry. No longer are boxed wines relegated to stolen sips from mom’s box of Franzia in the fridge. Once a sure sign of swag, boxed wine is now on the rise and signs point to a permanent place amongst the bottled masses. Higher quality brands like Black Box are leading the way. Black Box Wines have broken our previous misconceptions of boxed wine by packaging higher quality wines in air-tight bladders and cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes are considerably lighter than glass which translates into lower shipping costs and lower greenhouse gas production and the lack of cork also translates to lower failure rates and less wasted wine.

At about $25 per 3 liter box (~$6.25 per bottle), Black Box Wines appeal to even the most frugal wine connoisseur. 3 liters isn’t something we recommend taking in a single sitting, but fortunately (for your liver), the air-tight bladder keeps your Black Box Wine fresh for weeks after opening, leaving you time to sip, not chug.

Still not convinced Black Box wines is better than your average two buck chuck? Black Box wines is the home to 15 Gold medals at national wine competitions and 14 “Best Buy” distinctions from the Wine Enthusiast since 2004. Certainly no small feat.

Buy Now: $25