Inspired by the “Iron Rangers” from the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, the Iron Ranger boot from Redwing Shoes speaks of the city’s people and way of life: simple, tough, determined. Meticulously handcrafted in the USA for the last 95 years, Redwing makes shoes for the reality of life. The Iron Ranger is not a fashion boot, it’s a work boot that breaks in slowly and looks better with age (evidenced by my pair above). Saddled with a Vibram Cork Nitril sole, 1 ¼ inch heel and a lace-up/hook eye front the boot is constructed with amber colored harness leather and durable stitch-down welt. Every man needs a robust boot with the ability to look good with a variety of pants, on a variety of occasions. The Iron Ranger is sure to impress.

Take Note: Buy for fit, not for size with these boots. Even though you can find them online, go to a store and get properly fitted. There is a reason Redwing doesn’t sell them direct or through catalog.

Buy Now: $250