Why Mock One Country When You Can Take On The World?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race ($15) is like Jon Stewart’s previous book America (The Book), except, instead of ripping on the good ol’ US of A, The Daily Show has the entire planet in their irreverent and witty sights. Filled with page after page of hilarious infographics mocking just about every aspect of pop culture and politics through the lens of evolution, there’s no need to start from the beginning to get in on the jokes. It may not stand the test of time but the social commentary is perfect for now. It’s available as an e-book or audiobook, but there’s plenty you’ll miss on the digital mediums. Unless you have plans to invite Dick Cheney over for dinner, leave this one on the coffee table for guaranteed guest entertainment.

Buy Now: $15