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Kickstarter: Glif iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand

The Glif iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand ($20) is both simple and useful. Normally we try to steer clear of products that are still in the conceptual stage, but judging by the funds the idea has already raised on Kickstarter, it appears this product will soon be a reality. Created to maximize the potential of the iPhone 4 as a media device and camera, it’s not the first attempt we’ve seen at adding a kickstand to the sleek phone. It is however, the only iPhone 4 accessory we’ve come across with a universal nut for tripods. Made from injection molded Santoprene (grade 101-87) hard rubber, you can count on this to be one sturdy stand. So how do you purchase a product that’s not even out? A $20 donation to the project not only helps fund its progress (they’ve already raised 200% more than they needed), but it also acts as a pre-order for the Glif.

Buy Now: $20 (Pre-order pledge)