Wrapped and Ready

Bike Burrito

No matter how nice the bicycle, or how safe you ride, chaos has a habit of slipping its way into your two-wheeled traveler. Being prepared doesn’t mean going all out with your Bug Out Bag, and most bikes, especially the Italians need their stylish accessories. That’s where the Bike Burrito ($19-$25) comes in. The Burritos come wrapped in variety of colors to fit any one’s style, even one lined with a map of death valley, if of course, you happen to be feeling adventurous. Measuring 11″x16″ open and 11″x8″ when folded, its compact enough to be secured to the underside of the bike seat for easy access. Each is lined with duck cloth and contains three pockets, enough to fit a spare tube, wrenches and maybe a collection of Livestrong bracelets (if that’s how you roll).

Buy Now: $19-$25