Comprehensive Revue

Logitech Revue with Google TV

Ready to futurize your TV, but prefer to avoid the iron clasps of the Apple TV? Then Logitech Revue ($299) with Google TV is your ticket. Straight out of the box, the Logitech Revue offers Google TV interactivity, and unlike the flat-screen TV in your living room that’s probably already feeling outdated, the Logitech Revue will only get better as more Android apps are developed. Netflix, NBA.TV and Pandora come preloaded as well as built-in HDMI in/out, IR Blasters, 2 USB ports, ethernet, SPDIF optical and Wi-Fi connectivity. And what’s a tasty new peripheral without accessories? No fret, the Logitech Revue has ’em in spades. A Logitech TV Cam for high-def video conference calling (not that you want to see your pimple-faced nephew Tommy in HD), Logitech Mini Controller, Logitech Harmony app for iPhone and Android, and a sleek Logitech Keyboard Controller w/trackpad (shown above, included) will be available, all using one-touch Logitech unifying sync. Oh, and yes I fully realize the word “Logitech” appears 10 times in this post.

Buy Now: $299 (preorder)