What Animators Create in Their Spare Time

Moonshine: DreamWorks Artists…After Dark!

There’s no doubt that the creative minds behind blockbuster feature animations like Kung Fu Panda, The Lord of the Rings Two Towers, and Finding Nemo are incredibly talented. But, do you ever find yourself wondering how these artists use their skills when they’re not doodling Scottish ogres? Reading Moonshine: Dreamworks Artists… After Dark! ($14) is a great way to find out. As a collection, it features works from 45 talented Dreamworks Studio Art Directors, Character Designers, Production Designers, and Visual Development artists. The art in this project may not be for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate creativity in all its forms, it’s a unique glimpse into a world many never get to see. Oh, and our apologies if you were tricked into thinking this was related to blinding booze distilled in radiators.

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