Axis Typographic Maps

The combination of cartography and typography is pretty much everything GP could ask for in a print. Clearly we’re not alone in this sentiment, judging by Axis Map’s decision to create the Typographic Maps ($15-$195) series. These prints accurately depict the streets, highways, parks, neighborhoods, coastlines, and physical features of Chicago or Boston using nothing but type. That may not sound like much initially, but the reality is a highly involved manual process of placing and aligning thousands of words over several years to form these complete works. In fact, if you want to see the process in action, we suggest reading through the company’s fascinating blog. Sold in five different sizes ranging from portfolio (11″x16″) to a colossal (52″x 78″), if your wall needs decorating, put these prints at the top of your list. Hit the jump for more shots of the maps.

Buy Now: ($15-$195)