Reservoir Bags

Hydrapak Morro

To help you keep properly hydrated, the Hydrapak Morro ($108) is part of Hydrapak’s top of the line Pro Series and host to numerous features which embody their dedication to design.

The Hydrapak Morro features a large 3 liter reservoir with a new leak-free surge valve that draws well when you bite and shuts off with a twist. Hydrapak also adds a new magnetic Quantum Clip to keep your hose from flapping in your face on bumpy rides. However, the most impressive feature with the Hydrapak Morrow is the new Reversible Reservoir II. This innovative bladder design uses BPA free components and a plastic slider to seal the bladder shut. The reservoir opens wide for quick filling and as the name suggests, is completely reversible for easy cleaning too. The Reversible Reservoir II is so good that it is the reservoir of choice for many of their competitors.

The Hydrapak Morro’s dry-weight weighs in at just under 2 lbs and is made from durable light-weight ripstop nylon. This combined with the padded ergonomic shoulder straps, mesh back and air channel system keeps you cool on long rides and hikes and keeps your pack in place. The main storage compartment also has plenty of storage space for extra tubes, GPS, back-up tire pump, flashlight, and a lightweight jacket (link to Mammut Brisk if published). When faced with the consequences of inadequate hydration, the decision to stay properly hydrated is a simple one and the Hydrapak Morro should definitely be a consideration.

Author’s Note: Staying well hydrated is not something to take lightly. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences such as dehydration, cramps, heat exhaustion or even worse, heat stroke. Adequate hydration is especially difficult if there isn’t a good source of water nearby on long hikes, bike rides, runs, or even at festivals and events.

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