Google TV by way of Sony

Sony Internet NSX-GT1 HDTV with Google TV

Logitech may have struck first blood in the Google TV race with their Revue set-top box, but the Sony Internet NSX-GT1 series is the world’s first HDTV line powered by Google TV. Here’s the skinny.

Announced in sizes of 24, 32, 40, and 46-inches, the entire NSX-GT1 lineup features built-in Wi-Fi and can run a host of pre-installed apps like Netflix, Napster, Pandora and more on day one. In early 2011, they’ll also gain the ability to run and download apps directly from the Android Market. Google has said that those with Android phones and yes, iPhone too, will soon be able to download Google TV remote apps as well, giving users the ability to control their setup via their phone, and even fling web pages they’re viewing on their handset directly to their TV screen.

Apps are good and all, but Google TV’s real power lies in internet browsing. Using the built-in Chrome browser, web surfing is top-notch — yes, even Flash-based videos and games. Thanks to a so-called Dual-View mode (picture in picture), consumers can look up an actor’s IMBD page while watching them act, or browse the internet for porn while watching porn on their TV (wait… what?) A remote with a full QWERTY keypad is included with each set to make searching slightly more comfortable from your supine position on the sofa. It also does double duty with other home theater gear like the PS3. The NSX-GT1 goes on sale this weekend at Sony Style outlets and range from $599-$1,399. Not too shabby considering the bleeding edge features and the “Sony” label.

If you’re satisfied with your current HDTV, Sony has also unveiled a new trapezoidal Blu-ray player with Google TV too. It may not have the convenience of being built-in, but considering it provides all of the Logitech Revue’s functionality and throws in a Blu-ray player for a $100 bucks, it’s a well-priced alternative. For all the information you could want on the gear though, hit the buttons below to see the press release and specs.

Buy Now: 24-inch $599 | 32-inch $799 | 40-inch $999 | 46-inch $1,399 | Blu-Ray Player $399