Alone Ranger

2011 Ford T6 Ranger

Before you start day-dreaming about a new way to haul your gear around, it’s worth noting that the 2011 Ford Ranger will be available in 180 countries, except one: the US. Why? We can think of five reasons: a 3.2 liter 200 horsepower Duratorq turbo-diesel engine with a rock-stomping 346 lb-ft of torque, 6-speed manual transmission, loads of technology, Ford’s taut new fascia splayed across a higher-capacity body (looking quite handsome on the Ranger), and awesome fuel economy. Oh wait, those are five reasons we do want it. Come on Ford, give the mid-size truck segment some much needed domestic love. Even if the Ranger is the sexier, younger sister to the F-150 is that such a bad thing?