How Swede It Is

Fjällräven Greenland Jacket

The iconic jacket of outdoor Swedish outfitter Fjällräven, the Greenland Jacket ($350) is as versatile as it is enduring. G-1000, the primary material used on the Greenland Jacket is the product of re-engineered fabric originally designed for use on backpacks and tents combined with paraffin and beeswax. As it becomes increasingly damp, G-1000 swells to stave inclement weather and unlike other mass-produced fabrics, G-1000 is still fabricated by a small family in northern Sweden. With a carefully cut profile, the Greenland Jacket retains warmth without any extra bulk. For your go-to Fall uniform wear it as the outermost shell with a neutral suit for a bit of military-vintage inspired panache or right over your preferred Friday night shirt+sweater+denim. Fantastiskt.

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