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Presso Hand-Pressed Espresso Maker

Does the much fabled “perfect pull” exist? We may never know. But rest assured that espresso aficionados and crema-snobs are, like all gear heads, on the search.

Besides finding the perfect bean, the most contended aspect of great espresso is the machine (and its operator) and therein lies the genius of the Presso Espresso Maker ($150). Leaving little margin for error the Presso is designed to work without any electricity. Pack your favorite ground (as fresh as possible), pour boiling water into the reservoir, and press. No electricity, no capsules, no fuss. Presso even includes a manual milk frother for your Sunday afternoon cappuccino, served powerless. Oh, and don’t go thinking the Presso is just another fancy kitchen gadget to complement your Kitchen-Aid (irony of our photo acknolwedged), the Presso’s rugged design makes it a worthy addition to your next camping excursion.

Buy Now: $150