Look funny, stay warm

Selk’Bag 3G

Remember the tent with no poles we reviewed here a while ago? Well, today we bring you another outdoor product from the “thinking outside the box” category: a sleeping bag with legs. The Selk’Bag, conceived of by a small company in Chile, is hardly a new idea. It was modeled and named after an indigenous Chilean tribe and their own innovative cold weather garb. And despite the slightly dorky look of the Selk’Bag, it really works well.

Cold weather camping has its advantages – no bugs, fewer people, a change of scenery – but there are also some downsides. Leaving your warm cocoon to answer nature’s call in the middle of a frosty night can be a dreaded prospect. With the Selk’Bag, you just go out and do your business without (most of your body) having to leave that cocoon. Sitting around the campfire, cooking your meal or just jawing with your buddy is also far more pleasant in a Selk’Bag.

With a drawstring hood, zip-shut hand openings, full-footed legs, draft tubes and baffle construction, the Selk’Bag is as good as any other synthetic-insulation sleeping bag at keeping you warm down to about 30 degrees. But with the textured footies (if we dare call them that) you have full mobility to move around the campsite. Walking in the Selk’Bag takes some getting used to and the feet could use a bit more traction but that’s nitpicking. After all, the point is not to hike the Appalachian Trail in the thing. Sleeping is surprisingly more comfortable. No more waking up all twisted and contorted inside your mummy bag because this bag rolls over with you in the night.

There are any number of uses we could think of for the Selk’Bag (December game at Lambeau Field anyone?) but if there is one drawback, it is the dorkiness factor. You will look like the fake Bigfoot from the 1967 Patterson film so be ready for strange looks from people. But you can be smug in the fact that you’re the smart one, keeping warm.

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