Hybrid Grill

Weber Performer Grill

Gas grills equal convenience. Charcoal grills equal flavor, aroma, experience, and zest — or so the thought process goes. That’s why grill connoisseurs will often swear by charcoal, while the casual griller just wants a steak. Weber designed the Performer Grill ($330) with both audiences in mind. The grill takes the hassle out of charcoal lighting by combining a dual charcoal fuel holder and Weber’s “Touch-and-go” gas ignition system. A man’s workspace is vital while grilling outside, and the Performer ensures adequate room with a top thermoset worktable and wire bottom shelf. They even managed to artfully tuck away a charcoal storage container which houses up to 20 pounds of dry charcoal. Place the kettle lid on the side holder for the beer in one hand, burger flip with the other. Cleanup is minimal with “one touch” cleaning system and the removable ash catcher underneath. Sold in blue, black, and forest green options.

Buy Now: $330