Wolverine Origins

Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection 721 LTD: The Boots

When it comes to the Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection 721 LTD boots, there’s frankly few other phrases I can think of other than “Wolverine Porn”, but give this crowd it’s probably safe to utter the words without too much repercussion.

To say the Wolverine 721 LTD Boots are anything short of stunning would be doing them a disservice. The much anticipated addition to the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots collection pay proper homage to the originals. We had an opportunity to attend their official launch at NYC footwear purveyor Leffot, who by the way, is the limited time exclusive purveyor of the 721 LTD boots. We’ve been coveting covering the boots for some time now, so finally getting some hands on with them only ratified our feelings about the boots. Rather than waste any more time with words, we’ll just let our photos from the launch speak for themselves. Just remember, the shoes are limited to a manufacturing run of only a 1,000 so if you’re interested in purchasine a pair, decide with haste.

Included with each pair are Basswood shoetrees and a certificate of authenticity.

Buy Now: $725