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Life: Keith Richards’ Memoir

Few people on the planet have ever epitomized rock and roll like Keith Richards. That’s one of the reasons why his long-awaited memoir Life ($16) is a must read. Filled with Keith’s surprisingly crystal clear recollections about the genesis of classics like “Ruby Tuesday” and “Gimme Shelter”, consider it a rare look into the special primordial stew of how the sound of the Rolling Stones was born. That’s not to suggest however that only the Stones-obsessed will enjoy it, at least according to the NY Times. As they put it, the tale spun by the now 66-year-old Richards is instead “an eye-opening all-nighter in the studio with a master craftsman disclosing the alchemical secrets of his art. And it’s the intimate and moving story of one man’s long strange trip over the decades, told in dead-on, visceral prose without any of the pretense, caution or self-consciousness that usually attend great artists sitting for their self-portraits.” All eloquence aside though, we’re looking forward to picking up a copy tomorrow when the book hits shelves and we suggest you do the same.

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