Foul Weather? Hardly a Concern

Optishot Golf Simulator

It’s easy for golf to become a raging passion – one that can easily consume your free time, your disposable income, your thought energy, and even your pride. To make matters worse, the chill that we feel in the air this time of year heralds the approach of a winter, the most formidable of foes to the golfer.

For the next few months our maddening passion will be complicated by layers of outwear, stiff muscles, and days that are far too short. If you can identify with these seasonal woes, or just want to find a way to play more without getting fired or divorced, the folks at Dancin’ Dogg Golf have a finely-tuned solution for you in the form of their Optishot Golf Simulator ($400).

Part training tool and part video game, the most unique attribute of the Optishot is that it just plain works. It gives you detailed and accurate feedback about each and every swing, all while you play renderings of some best-known courses in the world of golf. Fun and educational? We’re sold. At a hair under $400, comparing the Optishot to other simulation options or monthly dues at your local club makes it an even more attractive way to groove your swing.

Space is certainly a concern with the unit, as low basement ceilings or that studio apartment could present obstacles to your indoor play, most guys should be able find a little swing space somewhere in their domicile. Our testing showed that the Optishot is simple to set up, requiring a quick software install but little-to-no calibration of the sensor. That means that within minutes you and up to four friends can be enjoying a friendly round, despite the unfriendly conditions out of doors.

Buy Now: $400