Sodium Never Tasted So Good

The Meadow Smoked Salt Set

You don’t need us to explain how salt can add flavor to your food. That said, we’re guessing you didn’t know about this Smoked Salt Set ($58) from The Meadows. The set contains six 1.2 oz jars packed with some of the most exotic salts on the planet. The salts are then smoked to add extra punch to their flavor profiles. For example, the Barrique Chardonnay flavor is harvested off the Brittany coast and then cold smoked using the oak from 5-7 year aged chardonnay barrels. On the other hand Kauai Guava is sourced from Hawaii and then smoked with the island’s native Guava wood. Additional flavors include Halen Môn, Sugar Maple, Atlantic Mesquite, and Red Alder. Will using these salts transform bad meals into culinary masterpieces? Nope. But they will provide a dash of flavor that’s hard for guests to place (we know how much pride you take in your cooking). As with any salt though, just be careful not to over do it.

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