Gentlemen, Light Your Fires

Enclume Hearth LR14

Golden are the leaves and crisp is the wind across your face: fire season is upon us. The craftsmen at Enclume Hearth have just the fireplace tool to help you embrace the changing weather. The Enclume Hearth LR14 ($320) is a front loading wood holder and fireplace tool set. Crafted with traditional equipment, the hammered steel provides a distressed look that heavy gauge metal carries so well. The smartly designed LR14 incorporates three storage areas for the necessary fire making materials: kindling, wood and newspaper allowing you to keep everything organized and limiting trips to the frigid garage where one might normally keep the “fire stuff.” The LR14 also comes with the basics, a shovel, poker and Enclume’s exclusive sorghum broom. At 22″L x 23″W x 33″H the LR 14 makes a handsome accessory to your hearth without stealing the glory from the masonry.

Buy Now: $320