Mighty & Mini

OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mini 500GB

Remember in college when you were cutting edge with a laptop with the Intel Celeron processor, a Zip drive, and a magical 256KB thumb drive? Just like drunken mornings, pleated khakis and boy bands, those days are gone (mostly). In a world of 1080P HD video, 16 megapixel cameras and music libraries running wild, storage is the new currency. And OWC’s Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mini is a pint-sized Daddy Warbucks.

Traveling with this romance novel sized drive wrapped in a light and durable shock resistant aluminum case left me no worries tossing this powerhouse in my carry-on or trusting those shifty baggage handlers with its safety. And due to fan-less cooling technology when I finally connected it using one of the four provided setups (Firewire 400/800, USB 2.0 and eSATA) it was virtually silent. The fact that this tiny enclosure spins a 7200 RPM drive means no dropping of frames as I edit my numerous HD videos, 500 gigs is plenty for each project. And since it’s Time Machine ready, it was simply plug and play on my Mac to have everything backed up.

All this for $139 with a three-year warranty and same-day shipping now leaves you with no storage excuse for editing those Flip videos of your girlfriend’s birthday party. Oops, I mean work videos.

Buy Now: $139