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The Goonies 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

There’s plenty about the 80’s that’s worth forgetting, but The Goonies shouldn’t fall on that list. Directed and produced by Richard Donner (who also happened to direct the Lethal Weapon movies and The Omen), and written by non other than Steven Spielberg, it’s no wonder the kids adventure was a tremendous success. The fact that the film was one of Josh Brolin and Sean Ashton’s (a.k.a Rudy & Samwise) first films just makes it even more hilarious. Rather than re-cap the plot though, let’s cover what’s included in The Goonies 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray ($35). Besides the remastered 1080p film, the new edition includes a board game, original movie storyboard reproductions, magazine reprints from 1985 when the film was released, and a reprint of the 2009 Empire Magazine covering what happened to the cast. Plenty of video extra-features are also included for those who want to dig deeper into the film’s production or just have to watch Cyndi Lauper’s music video for her song The Goonies ‘R Good Enough .

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