Flash Video Comes to the iPhone (Sort of)

Skyfire Mobile Web Browser for iPhone

Android users can continue to laugh at the whole situation, but for Apple fanboys, the recently launched Skyfire Web Browser ($2.99) is a partial bridge to getting the “full web experience” on your favorite pocket companion. Translation: using it will allow you to play some Flash video on your iPhone. We say some because according to reviews by folks like App Shopper the application delivers its promise on sites like comedy central, but is still a no go on other prime targets like HBO and Hulu.

Outside of the better but not ideal video functionality, another cool feature worth noting is the ability to choose a custom home page to load every time you open a window in the browser *cough* like Gear Patrol — which is something sadly Safari also can’t do. Best of all, the app is currently being sold at an introductory low price, which should increase sometime in the future. However, due to the high demand for the app after its launch yesterday, the developer has actually had to pull it from the Apple app store for a bit until they can recover from the onslaught of users eager to inhale Flash TV shows and movies. Rest assured it will be back soon though, so keep checking the buy link below to grab your copy once it comes back up.

Buy Now: $2.99