More browsing with less... browsing


Another day, another browser. Right? Wrong. Built over the past two years on Chromium (the same stuff that Google Chrome is built off of) RockMelt is a brand new browser that melds your day-to-day browsing with your social media ongoings. For example, there’s no need to visit Gear Patrol’s facebook page/widget or our twitter feed to see what’s going on there — RockMelt automatically brings them to you. Are you the guy that’s always sending around cool links you find on popurls or YouTube? Well, no more copy/pasting, just hit the share button right next to the URL address bar. It even keeps you updated with your network’s updates and tweets. There’s no need for syncing either, whether you use RockMelt at the office or at home, the browser keeps all your bookmarks, preferences, feeds, and accounts tied together on their cloud servers. RockMelt is free but available by invitation only, so request yours now.