A Set Apart

Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum HDTV

Sick and tired of seeing those black bars diminish your television’s big cinematic ego? So is Philips. After raking in praise from the home theater community for their first attempt at a cinemascope 21:9 HDTV, Philips has now released the Cinema 21:9 Platinum ($6,420). Like its predecessor, the 58-inch, 400 Hz Clear LCD unit is built with a peripheral vision devouring 21:9 aspect ratio, but adds in a few critical upgrades like 3D support and direct LED backlights — resulting in an immersive viewing experience other TVs can’t hold a lumen to. Externally, the Philips Cinema Platinum features a much thinner cabinet, hidden speaker bar, and a rich-looking aluminum frame with rounded edges. As if the TV’s shape weren’t distinctive enough, three Ambilights placed on the top and sides of the unit work independently to match the colors on the screen. Not sure what all of these specs mean? Well Tech Radar has deemed the TV “undoubtedly the most technologically advanced screen you can buy” and gave it a 5 star rating. The only bad news is this set will never be sold stateside. So… whose up for a Euro trip?

Buy Now: $6,420