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Ultimate Survival Kit Part II: Urban Warrior

November 10, 2010 Features By
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550 Cord

Gear Essential: Cord Used by the military for years, this cordage has almost endless uses.

Buy Now: $48 per 1,000 feet

Duct Tape

Gear Essential: Tape There is just something about duct tape…. I’ve used it to fix blisters, patch gear, cover wounds and a myriad of other things. You simply should not leave home without it.

Buy Now: $4

SureFire 6PX Pro Flash Light

Gear Essential: Illumination SureFire makes some of the industry’s best flashlights. The 6PX is a great deal for the price, although just about any SureFire light will get the job done.

Buy Now: $79

Emerson ECBF CQC-13 Tactical Knife

Gear Essential: Knife It doesn’t get much cooler than an Emerson knife that has been “waved”. A unique automatic style opening via a hook in the knife and your pocket. This bowie style blade is up for any challenge you can throw at it!

Buy Now: $248

Bonus: Patriots

Gear Essential: Reading

Want to learn a little more? Check out the fictional story Patriots by James Wesley Rawles; a great book that will help get you thinking on the right track for survival. Also worth mentioning is Rawles instructional book How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It.

In closing there is no such thing as a perfect kit. I’ve given you some guidelines and you should assemble a kit that meets your needs and based on where you live. Being prepared isn’t just a collection of great gear, it is a mindset.

Dan Finkelstein

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