Low Maintenance Maintenance

Zirh Reverse Anti-Aging Serum

As a generation of enlightened men, we’re far more conscientious about skin care than our fathers were, but we still don’t like to go through numerous processes to get our mugs looking better than Keith Richard’s. If we can get a good shower and shave in, we’re usually content. Well, Zirh takes skin care to the next level with their new Reverse Anti-Aging Serum.

The bright silver and blue box yields a roll-on deodorant sized container. A notch up on the manliness scale from the Lab Series MAX LS Age-less Face Cream, Zirh Reverse is contained in what looks like a blue DNA double helix housed in a clear cylinder. Reverse, at least aesthetically, appears interesting enough to try. Zirh claims that this cool blue gel will instantly transform surface lines, wrinkles and pores and will decrease the surface effects of aging over time. Seeing as how I would never intentionally ram a needle into my face, I figured this was worth a try.

Per Zirh’s instructions, after my shave I applied a dime-sized dollop of Reverse to my face and neck every morning for the past week. It doesn’t take much and the application is as easy as it gets. No slime, no residue, no heaviness. Well, what was the result? Though I’d like to say that I now have skin as smooth as Justin Bieber’s cheeky adolescent face, my consumption of numerous cigars and drams of scotch over the years testify otherwise. I can, however, say that I was amazed by what Reverse does almost instantly. The vitamin and penta-peptide gel gives an immediate boost to the skin that is very noticeable. Lines and pores smoothed out, and even my Tuesday morning dark circles were all but gone after the Reverse application. It also wakes you up with a soothing, mildly tingly effect, which was a pleasant surprise (Don’t worry, coffee, I’ll never leave you for another). Reverse also does double-duty as a good moisturizer, so you don’t have to apply any thick lotions during your a.m. ritual. And this took no time at all–no cucumbers or cold tea bags over the eyes, no goofy mud masks–just a ten second application. I’ll have to see what this new-fangled Reverse does for me over the course of time. But for now, I’m sold. My skin is looking better this week than it has in a while. As to whether 40 is the new 30, the jury’s still out.

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