Lucid Dream Sedatives Not Included

Inception Briefcase Set

The Inception Blu-ray/DVD Briefcase Gift Set ($49) is an exclusive package only offered through Warner Brother’s WB shop and it’s the ultimate gift for Nolan fans still wondering if the top ever fell. Besides including both a Blu-ray and DVD copy of the movie, buyers also get seven Art Cards, “The Cobol Job Comic,” and a replica PASIV Device Instruction Manual (now, don’t start home brewing) all packed inside a metal briefcase. In case you’re planning on stealing secrets, a replica totem used by Leo and his crazy wife is also thrown in, and it even has a special foam cut out for safe keeping in the case. Since so many already know how it feels though, it may not serve you particularly well in the dream world. Only 2,000 of these editions are available and they technically won’t start to officially ship until 12/6, but if you really wanna be like Cobb, we suggest you pre-order while you can. Now cue the Hans Zimmer’s signature WAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN.

Buy Now: $49