Over-engineered. Enough Said.

Benchmade 755 MPR

Knowing that titanium is used extensively in this knife, the first surprise one encounters with the Benchmade 755 MPR ($235) is its weight. That is until you notice how incredibly thick the M390 super steel blade (a whopping .164”) and similarly sized blades (.1”) are. If you’re not up to snuff with your steel grades it’s worth noting that M390 is exceptional steel; it has superior wear and corrosion resistance as compared to D2 steel. In other words, it’s over-engineered – a common theme of this knife.

Having cut everything from 550 cord to thick rubber to corrugated cardboard, the Benchmade 755 MPR is hard to stop or be dulled. The blade has ambidextrous thumb studs and smoothly opens until locked into place by the titanium mono-lock, which runs the entire length of the handle offering an unyielding hold (read: over-engineered). As for the mono-lock itself, it is sheathed in a material known as G10 laminate, a glass woven fabric, impregnated with epoxy under high pressure (admittedly, I had to research this). As for the way it handles, the G10 is precise, very grippy and doesn’t absorb a drop of moisture, even during a recent typhoon.

The pocket clip itself is another exercise of over-engineering. It avoids the flex found in thinner clips and once attached, maintains position, but can occasionally be harder to slip into a pocket. Regardless, the stoutness and exceptional build quality of the 755 MPR has made it an easy upgrade from my everyday carry/duty knife. the Air Force issued Benchmade 9050 AFO.

Take Note: Air Force and Army, the handle color closely matches the ABU/ACU.

Buy Now: $235