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Brand Spotlight: John Lobb Bootmakers

Based on Northampton, UK, 150 year old John Lobb Bootmakers is steeped in English heritage with an equally momentous crafting process. Each pair of shoes require no less than 190 painstaking steps which takes place across several “Rooms”. For example, the Clicking Room is the beginning of a shoe’s evolution where artisans hand-cut full-grain leather. Inside the Closing Room you’ll find more craftsman who bring together the upper’s elements and hand-off to the Assembly and Lasting Room for the shoes to take their shape. Then a pair makes its way into the Making Room where signature Goodyear stitching is applied. Several rooms later a John Lobb shoe is born, complete with its finishing touches and other artisanal elements. The process can last weeks, but their shoes, boots and loafers are paradigms of craftsmanship if not instant heirlooms. You would be hard-pressed to find a single pair in their entire collection that isn’t covetable, but with each utterly smashing shoe comes an equally devastating price — even ready-to-wear pieces easily surpass the $1,000 mark.

Shown above (back to front) are a few of our selections from John Lobby’s ready-to-wear collection: Chester Suede Driver ($1,100), Beckett Oxford ($1,590, Tudor II Jodhpur Boots ($1,590)