If His Albums Were the Blueprint, Consider this the Drafting Table

Decoded by Jay-Z

Hip-hop may not be for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped Jay-Z from becoming a household name. Though his rise to fame stems through rapping, Mr. “I’m not a business-man. I’m a business…man” has earned praise from plenty of those outside the game, including Warren Buffet. So when a mind like that puts its attention towards analyzing and breaking down his favorite subject a.k.a Hip Hop together with his life, readers should expect to learn things they never knew before. As Jay-Z says, “Decoded ($19) at its core is a book of rhymes”, — although it’s safe to call it a memoir and text-book to the most explosive music genre of the last 30 year too. Weaving in and out of stories from his life, Jay-Z ‘unpacks’ some of his favorite songs to explain their meaning and provide a narrative about what inspired them through unique type design, drawings, and plenty of photographs. In sum, it’s a must read for hip-hop fans or even those just curious to see from the perspective of a man who has achieved so much despite the deck being stacked against him.

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