Third Eye, 21st Century Style

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

Video-worthy moments happen all the time (especially to the kind of guy who reads Gear Patrol); everything from your niece’s 7th birthday party to the rope swing stunt that landed you in the neighbor’s yard deserves to be catalogued. Whether it’s documenting nostalgia or street cred, the Looxcie ($199) wearable camcorder is starting a social video movement.

Looxcie is a tiny, wearable camera – about the size of a Bluetooth headset – that “sees” everything you see. You can document moments without having to remove yourself from them – that knocks a last nail into the coffin of bulky hand-held camcorders. Looxcie doesn’t even have a record, stop or pause button. Simply turn it on, and it starts filling its 5 hours of storage (when you get to the end, it seamlessly starts purging the oldest video).

But it’s more than just a miniature camera: Looxcie is linked up to your smart phone, and allows you to instantly share a video with facebook or twitter by simply pressing a button. Video can be edited directly on your smart phone or dropped onto your computer using USB. And it won’t interrupt calls either – the Looxcie works as a Bluetooth headset, and cleverly mutes the video recording while you chat.

The only thing it doesn’t come with is an informational warning pamphlet. Just because you’re catching video of awesome stunts doesn’t mean you can’t break bones.

Buy Now: $199