Rack Em' Up

Thru-Block Wooden Coat Rack System

The Thru-Block wooden coat rack system ($600-$1200) is a modular solution for making the most out of your walls. Created by Portland designer William Ullman, each piece is made from reclaimed American Black Walnut and is completely modular. The foundational block measures 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ x 18″L and feature five evenly spaced holes for placing the included 1″ diameter x 6″ long coat pegs. The system is similarly held together by a series of 1″ diameter dowels. Besides looking great, probably the best feature is the optional “key” shelf for keeping your keys, phone, wallet, and watch all in one place — which should help with those “sh$% where’s my phone” moments. Your remote, however, will still remain susceptible to couch digestion.

Buy Now: $600-$1200 (depending on size) | Tray only $100