Da Bomb

Atomic Floyd MiniDarts Heaphones

There are plenty of great headphone companies out there hoping you’ll choose their ear buds when you finally develop the will power to give those old Gameboy headphones a merciful death. Many however aren’t phone friendly due to the lack of an integrated mic. Atomic Floyd’s MiniDarts Heaphones ($240) certainly aren’t cheap, but for the money, you will get excellent sound quality and plenty of style — making them a worthwhile investment for your smartphone.

Made from metal, they’re slightly weightier than the plastic crap you may be accustomed to. However their dual-injection silicone eartips will provide plenty of comfort in your ear, and also stop pesky ambient noise from ruining your beats. Conversely, they’ll prevent others from hearing your music too, so there’s no need to fear being that obnoxious guy listening to loud..no matter how high you adjust your volume rocker. The integrated combination of inline controls for answer/end call, next, previous, play, pause, plus volume, with the addition of a mic also means you’ll never have to dig for your phone should a call come in. Besides the ear buds, this set ships with some nice extras like a classy triple-layered, double-stitched protective leather pouch, plus a DJ-friendly 1/4″ stereo jack and airplane dual prong adapter.

Buy Now: $240