You'll be seeing stars in no time

Celestron C6-NGT Computerized Telescope

Considered by many star gazers as the best time of year, December boasts the clear skies and optimum visibility needed to discover something new in your own backyard, especially with the right gear. The reasonably priced, lightweight Celestrons C6-NGT Computerized Telescope ($799) is a favorite amongst star watchers and comes standard with a high quality 6” reflector, 6X30 finderscope for advanced object location, a heavy duty German-made computerized mount and a CD full of educational info and locations to the Heavens above. The proven NexStar computer technology has a database of over 40,000 objects and over 100 user-definable objects to help the operator determine what constellation is starring back at you, including a database of the most famous deep sky objects by name and catalog number.

Positioned as a great telescope for beginners and masters alike, and backed by the honorable name of Celestron, The C6-NGT is a great investment if you’re looking to make December an astronomical one. Indeed, it takes years of research and gazing to master the Heavens, but you never know when a good constellation name drop or two may come in handy.

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