Not Just For Hosers

The North Face Hoser Hat

All too often, you find a truly great product with a truly unfortunate name. Take the iPad, for example. Well, that ubiquitous device’s name has nothing on The North Face Hoser Hat. But don’t let the tragic moniker dissuade you from purchasing this ridiculously practical and “just-shy-of-bespoke” nugget warmer. With Heatshield Optimal Technology to keep you toasty and a breathable HyVent shell, combined with a wonderfully sophisticated herringbone patterned exterior, you’ll be ready for both your Christmas card photo and the anticipated Howitzer-like snowball fights coming your way this winter. Sport this manly hat with Sorel Mavericks and arm yourself with dual Artic Force Snow-Trac Balls, and you’ll be a one-man Weapon of Mass Destruction. Just be thankful that The North Face didn’t spell the name of your hat with a “P” or an “L.”

Buy Now: $50