Part Netbook, Part Tablet, All Sexy

Dell Inspiron Duo

Love the idea of a tablet, but can’t bear to part with your keyboard? Well, Dell has heard your plea and developed the “convertible” Inspiron Duo ($550) netbook in the hopes of bringing you the best of both worlds.

As a laptop, the Inspiron Duo features a 10.1-inch HD (1366 x 768) display, 1.3 MP integrated Webcam, 1.5GHz Intel Atom dual core processor, 250GB HDD, 2 USB ports and 2GB of ram. It also comes with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. The real innovation though is obviously its unique swiveling screen, which allows the laptop to quickly transform into a touchscreen tablet. Once flipped, the machine automatically switches to a proprietary Keep-In-Touch interface, making it easy to perform multimedia functions like listening to music, watching videos, or reading eBooks using just your digits.

Is it more style than substance? To some degree yes, but that doesn’t mean the nifty clam shell wouldn’t work as a casual media device and inbox-destroying travel companion. Plus, unlike the similarly drool-worthy Lenovo Ideapad U1 hybrid, at least this innovative product can actually be yours starting December 15th. If you’re willing to spend an extra $100 too, picking up a JBL audio station can provide better sound, charging, and two additional USB ports — in addition to being a cool-looking stand for displaying your gadget so all the world can ogle.

Buy Now: Inspiron Duo ($550)