Holy Cacao

Compartes Black Collection Chocolates

We don’t come across too many sweet treats worth sharing, but after learning that the Compartes Black Collection ($30-$55) is made with ingredients like Guiness and 15-year-old Macallan, we found ourselves unable to hold back. At their base, each chocolate truffle set is made from fair trade single-origin chocolate ganache. They’re then differentiated by a special infusion made from premium ingredients like the aforementioned Guiness Stout, 15-year-old Macallan Single-Malt, or more savory options like imported Italian black Truffle mushrooms and Japanese sesame seeds with wasabi. Available in limited quantities of 10 or 20 treats per box, grab a set for that boss candy-loving boss and maybe, just maybe that bonus you’re itching for will find its way to your bank account a few days early.

Buy Now: 20 for $55 | 10 for $30