Making the Best From a Bad Situation

Glennfiddich Snow Phoenix Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Attaching something like “Snow Phoenix” to the name of an otherwise perfectly good bottle of single malt might lead many to think the master distillers have been reading a bit too much Harry Potter after work. The truth is, this special run is actually the result of disaster caused by record snowfall back in January 2010, which collapsed several roofs at the Grant and Son’s Glennfiddich distillery. Rather than waste every ounce from the hundreds of exposed casks, malt master Brian Kinsman thought to salvage what he could of the wreckage to create a unique non-aged single malt. Subsequently the 47.6% abv Snow Phoenix was born by marrying together natural strength and non-chill filtered casks of different ages and finishes, including American oak and Oloroso sherry. Now that’s how smart thinking leads to smart drinking. The bad news is that only 1000 bottles will be sold, and they’re only obtainable for $80 in Duty Free shops, so keep your eyes peeled for it the next time your internationally bound. Learn more.