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The idea of a prefabricated or modular home may not jive with that hand-built treehouse from your childhood dreams, but consider this: the home above, The Buckminster, takes less than 100 days to build in a factory and arrives nearly LEED Home Platinum certified. This home, and the dozens of other plans offered by New World Homes, may have classic, old-world style, but its design and performance are thoroughly modern with a strong perchance for eco-friendliness. As a matter of fact, the modular homes are more durable, significantly more precision-built than on-site construction, can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% and save thousands of gallons of water per year. The benefits are achieved through techniques like spray-foam insulation, low-VOC paints (better air quality), pre-insulated foundations, recycled metal reflective roof, tankless water heating, motion-detecting lighting throughout, and renewable strand woven bamboo flooring. Homes are offered in plans ranging from traditional farmhouses to capes with prices starting at $230,000, about $150-$200 per sq ft. Peruse more pics of Buckminster (pdf) or the delivery process (pdf).