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180 Degrees South

Like many others here at GP, I have a reserved section in my film library dedicated to manly, adventure-travel documentaries. The voyages and endless possibilities of Mother Nature transform my couch into a vessel of exploration and put me hot on the trail for adventure. Filmmaker Chris Malloy’s 180 Degrees South ($18) is no exception to the rule. A replication of a legendary trek to Patagonia in the ‘60s, narrator Jeff Johnson embarks on a rock climbing/sailing/surfing quest to “conquer the useless”, as Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins had done years before (before founding Patagonia and North Face, respectively.) Leave behind the responsibilities, deadlines and obligations of the daily grind and pick up the mast on the trip to Easter Island on sailboat, paddle out amongst the waves and harness up your climbing gear in Chile as the film helps discover our true place in this world and journeys toward the inner meanings of life.

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