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Gift Guide 2010: The Adventure Maven

Do you or someone you know have a bug for adventure? Is scaling a north face this year’s oeuvre? Then consider part one of this year’s gift guide your cheat sheet to success when opening time comes around. That’s because we’ve patiently culled through our favorite outdoor gear this year to compile a handy list of 20 products which should gratify even the most well-equipped explorers… including you. To see if you agree with our selections, read on and start browsing.

Adventure is not outside man; it is within. – David Grayson

Zamberlan Tofane GT Boots

Handmade Italian leather hiking boots that make stomping through hell look good.

More | $450

Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag

The great outdoors may be a the perfect place for inner reflection, but it’s also a pretty good local for spending time with your better half. Along those lines, the Big Agnes King Solomon Sleeping Bag is an ideal solution for staying warm while still allowing two to sleep comfortably…among other supine activities.

More | $330

Sunto X-Lander Military Watch

Meet the ultimate “ABC” watch (that’s Altimeter/Barometer/Compass) – wrapped in a bad-ass tactical package.

More | $300

Nemo Morpho 2p

Douglas Tompkins’s (the founder of North Face) revolutionary design removed the center pole from tents, but the Nemo Morpho’s cutting-edge design ditches the poles all together.

More | $350

Selk’Bag 3G

Brings another meaning to “thinking outside the bag”. The Selk’Bag is a sleeping bag with legs. Enough said.

More | $99

AeroBed Pakmat

Sleeping on a bed of air may undercut your hardcore credentials out in the bush, but a good night’s sleep should help you set the record straight as you blaze past your weary buddies on the trail.

More | $90

Thule 699 Round Trip Bike Case

Bikes are a serious investment. So invest in the proper travel gear to make sure your two wheeled beauty arrives in the same shape you left it in.

More | $350

Benchmade 3150 Impel

It packs 16 tools including a 420HC clip point knife, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, wire stripper, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, 8″ ruler, small bit driver (Phillips and flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver bit), scissors, wood/metal file, saw, bottle opener, and a can opener in a respectable 4 in x 10 cm package. Now why do you need that hefty tool box in the garage again?

Clean and simple, the Benchmade 3150 Impel is the off-duty adventurer’s blade. It’s sub 2″ blade is housed in a 3″ handle and makes it legal everywhre from California to Boston and features push-button action

More | $136

Wonder Warmers

You coughed up that extra dough for heated seats in your car, so why not enjoy the same experience anywhere you go for way less hurt on your wallet. The colors may be obnoxious, but who cares when you’re in the middle of nowhere?

More | $16-30


Designed by a Special Forces Operator, the GORUCL GR-1 sack is designed from the ground-up for a life time’s worth of adventure and indestructability (the bag and you) at its core. Blame it on the 100% military-grade materials construction.

More | $295

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